a. What is reserve capacity? How does it relate to health outcomes? (In other words what is the main point of the article?)
b. Use an example to explain in your own words how reserve capacity can help buffer the negative effects that low Socioeconomic Status has on health.
On page 271, the authors state that “a conceptual limitation of the literature is the focus on a single factor [perceived control or social support]. What is the problem with only looking at one factor?
As a society, we sometimes make efforts to address socioeconomic status in order to improve the overall health of the population. What are the benefits of this “prevention” focus? What are the drawbacks? Think in terms of both economics and health for individuals, the taxpaying public, and health insurance purchasers.
What can we do aside from political efforts or major social/societal changes to help those of low-SES stay healthy?

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