Imagine the Planet Argon software (SW) developers as your audience and describe the following:
1) Provide a descriptive name for your app—so we can understand its function.
2) What is the biggest question that a user of your app might ask? (Overview content)
3) What details might your app users learn after exploring your app? (Results Summary content)
Hint: If I were doing Graded-DISCUSSION-5, here is the OUTLINE that I would use to create my 250-word paragraph for the Rainwater Resources Tour App: 1) Descriptive App Name: Rainwater Resource Tour of OSU-Corvallis. 2) Biggest Question: What are rainwater resources at OSU and where are they located? 3) Example of details provided by App: Building names with street addresses for all four of the rainwater-collection tanks on the OSU Campus.

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