Case Study: Problem Proposal Assignment. Lens One: Reviewing the Structural Theories [MACHINE]Use the following questions to describe, in a summative-narrative fashion, what the structures of your organization look like. Your summary is to be 3–5 pages, include 3–5 references (this can include your textbook), have a title and reference page, and be formatted according to current APA style (the first person should not be used).1. What is the chain of command in your organization? a. What is the formal authority in the organization? b. That is, who has economic, legal, contractual, collegial authority? 2. Describe the span of control in the organization. a. How many people report to managers at various levels? b. How many levels exist in the organization? 3. Describe the departmentalization structures of the organization.4. Where are decisions being made in the organization? 5. Explain where your organization sits on the centralized/decentralized continuum.6. Are the staff/line distinctions being maintained in your organization?

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