What is your marketing opinion on LIdl’s use of holiday themed radio advertising?

In Module 5, we learn about radio as a form of marketing strategy. Traditional AM/FM radio is an optimal mass media channel scoring highest in reach. It can reportedly reach over 90% of consumers aged 18 and up and reaches all age ranges.

The holiday season is a great time to implement radio advertising. One reason for this is because radio stations have special Christmas packages furthering the cost-effectiveness of radio advertising. It can also help target a specific consumer segment. There are some radio stations that only play Christmas music during the holiday season.

festive radio ad from the 2020 holiday season comes from the German supermarket brand, Lidl. They used an upbeat, holiday themed tune to promote their deluxe Christmas puddings and mince pies. This radio commercial “pokes fun at the more ’emotional’ ads” through their quirky take on a classical piano tune. Another way they strategically use the power of sound is through their spoken words explaining the prices of both products and where to purchase them. The spoken words are in a sing-song tone, utilizing consistency throughout the brief advertisement. — Follow the link to hear the holiday themed ad 🙂 https://www.radiocentre.org/2020s-best-christmas-radio-ads/


My question is…What do you believe are the advantages/disadvantages of using radio advertising during the holiday season? What is your opinion on LIdl’s use of holiday themed radio advertising? How could the brand strengthen this advertisement? Are there any holiday themed radio advertisements you remember hearing? If so, how does it compare to the one described above?

Remember to answer as a marketer 🙂

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