1. What is your overall assessment of the competitive intensity of the cloud computing industry? Use Porter’s Five Force Model to assess the competition. Be sure to discuss each force completely with specifics and data.
2. From IBM’s perspective, why is the Cloud Computing an attractiveness industry? Use Industry Attractiveness matrix to assess, be sure to include supporting data from the article and any additional research.
3. What is IBM’s competitive position in the Cloud Computing Industry? Using Weeks 2 and 3 class material, first identify critical success factors and then assess IBM’s position, that is, create a Competitive Positioning Matrix.
4. Develop pros and cons of 2 strategic options for IBM: 1) continue as is; 2) create a new company as discussed in the article. Your response must be supported with data and evidence
(for specific instructions, see attached file “Assignment 2 -IBM with instructions”)

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