The goal of this week’s course work is to understand the importance of managing organization cultures in collaborations as described in Chapter 5 (beginning on page 82) of Collaborative Leadership by Archer & Cameron.
These questions ask that you look at the culture of your own organization.  If you are not currently working, you can refer to a prior organization where you have worked or an organization where you have a thorough operational understanding.
1. Look at your own organization.  What do your partners need to understand to get the best from your organization?
2.  What positive elements or strengths can your organization bring to a partnership?
3.  What might some of your organizational blind spots or pitfalls be when you work with others.
4.  What tools do you use to assess other organizations?  How do you know its the best fit? This could refer to organizations that are vendors or customers, potential employers, or companies that you may use for your own personal needs.

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