• Creating learning and development experiences over time to enhance long-term development
Steps to complete the case analysis development plan:
1. Conduct a SWOT analysis to identify organizational and industry strategic issues. SWOT Analysis Template.docx
Consider: What strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats exist in maintaining a successful career in your target organization or in today’s business environment?
2. Based upon your SWOT analysis, draft a competency model for your organization or intended work place as you develop your career.
3. Using the competency model as a guide, identify a job candidate in your organization / case that you believe is “promotable” to the next level of challenge in the organization. (Imagine you are their supervisor) Conduct a “gap” analysis. Note what strengths and weaknesses they may have and what attributes may contribute to their success. Analyzing Gaps.docx
Consider: Identify strengths vs. weaknesses to help manage via development process.
4. Prepare a “development plan” that outlines behavioral and targeted development goals for the individual . Note that you are including resource needs as well as a time-frame for accountability. Development Plan.docx
Consider: Do they need some developmental experiences you can suggest?

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