The title of the article is “It Would Be a Terrible Thing if we Handed These People over to the Communists”: The Eisenhower Administration, Article 14(d), and the Origins of the Refugee Exodus from North Vietnam. By Philip E Catton, Diplomatic History, Vol. 39, No. 2 (2015).
In terms of the content of the report, I am looking for two main points of discussion. First, devote the first half of the report to a summary of the main points that the author is trying to convey to the reader. To help to address this issue, consider some of these questions: Which president is the topic of this article, and what is the time frame for the article? What is the foreign policy topic being discussed? For example, is the topic about trade or terrorism? Does the topic correspond to the Cold War? What is the biggest problem facing the president as he deals with this topic? What is the author’s purpose for writing this article? What is the author’s academic or professional background?
As for the second point of discussion, provide opinions or perceptions of the article. In other words, what did you think about it? What were the strengths or weaknesses of the article?

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