Which type of leadership style do you most exhibit?

One thing the book mentioned this week is that some people titled, “leader” are simply authorities and that an individual does not have to be in a management position in order to be a leader. Where I currently work, I’ve found that some of our leaders were promoted because of their work ethic and intrinsic ability to lead while others were promoted and have no merit or convincing ability to get other employees to do their job other than their authority. This led me to the question: Which type of leadership style do you most exhibit? 

This week we learned that the two main dimensions of leadership are consideration and initiating structure. These two dimensions relate to how much we consider others in performing our job and how much we focus on the goals of our job and initiate production over interaction with others. We also learned that the Leadership Grid identifies different leadership styles based on combinations of concerns for production and concern for people. There are several levels to the Leadership Grid:

  • Impoverished Style (1 in production, 1 in people): go with the flow
  • Country Club Style (1,9): creates a friendly work environment
  • Task Management Style (9,1): promote performance
  • Middle of the Road Management Style (5,5): somewhat work-friendly, somewhat productive
  • Team Style (9,9): high levels of productivity and commitment/trust

Here’s an image of the Leadership Grid for reference.


I believe that each individual can exhibit all the different leadership styles and that they can be circumstantial and situational. However, I believe that I exhibit a Team Management style often. At Chick-fil-A, I do my best to serve as many guests as possible and to be as quick and efficient as I can. At the same time, I am concerned for my employees and their own performance with certain tasks. As a Team Lead and Training Director there, I have to be aware of how my coworkers are performing so that if someone is slowing down the business, we can have someone replace them in that position temporarily, retrain them, or give them a break to recover from a rush.

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