1. Who is responsible for the overall governance and management of Harris Health System?
2. If you are a new patient at Harris Health System, and you do not have insurance, what is the first step you must make?
3. Name our medical school partner(s).
4. Which phrase in our mission statement reflects our partnership with medical schools and other institutions of learning?
5. How many minutes may a properly registered member of the public speak at a Harris Health Board of Trustees meeting? What if they use an interpreter or translator?
6. In dollars, how much charity care did Harris Health provide in fiscal year 2019?
7. Which 2019 Innovation Summit “Pavilion Winner” included Volunteer Services in the program design team?
8. Complete the following volume statistics for FY2019:
a. Births _____________
b. Emergency visits _____________
c. Outpatient Clinic visits ____________
9. What are two ways patients may schedule appointments?
10. In every facility and on our website, we post Patient Rights and Responsibilities. Name one RIGHT that patients have. Name one RESPONSIBILITY.
11. Pick three (3) patient testimonials and both read their stories and watch the videos. Who did you hear about?
12. What is a “Same Day Clinic”? Do you need an appointment?
13. Which hospital is a Level 3 Trauma Center? Which is a Level 1 Trauma Center? What is the difference? (You may have to research on the internet to answer the third part of this question.)
14. Name one agency that regulates Harris Health System
15. What is a “Magnet Designation”? Which hospital recently earned it?
16. What kind of clinic is Thomas Street Health Center?
17. At Harris Health System, what does the term “medical home” describe?
18. Who is the Chair of the Board of Trustees?
19. What is the Harris Health System Vision Statement?
20. Find the Eligibility Calculator. Enter the following parameters to answer the next two questions.
– Do you live in Harris County? Answer YES
– Do you have Medicare? Answer NO
– Number in your family? Answer 4
– Gross monthly household income? Answer 2000
a. How much would your copay be for a clinic visit to see a doctor? ________
b. How much would you pay to go to the Emergency Center? ______

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