Come up with an example of someone who you would consider to be virtuous and explain why you think they are a virtuous person. Your example could be of someone you know personally (friend, family member, etc.) or a public figure (alive or from history). Explain how their actions and character demonstrate an overarching quality of goodness and excellence.
Why does Aristotle equate psychological well-being or inner harmony with happiness? Explain using an example.
Can someone be truly happy if they do not have psychological well-being or inner harmony? Explain using an example.
Explain in your own words why Aristotle thought that a happy life was best achieved by living a life of reason and virtue. Why are both parts necessary?
Come up with your own example of a moral virtue and identify its corresponding vices (deficit and excess).
Identify a couple moral virtues you already have and explain how you cultivated them.
Identify a couple moral virtues you lack and explain if you think Aristotle’s 3 ways to hit the mean would help you cultivate them.

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