Write a 700- to 1050-word paper describing an informal learning experience you have had

Learning Experience Paper


Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper describing an informal learning experience you have had. You may describe, for example, how you became afraid of heights, why a particular food or smell moves you emotionally, or why you dislike elevators. The experience must be concrete and can be singular or an experience that occurred over a longer period.

Describe the experience by applying learning theories from this week’s readings to the steps involved. Include the following:

Identify what you learned from the experience.

Describe how your learning could have occurred through classical conditioning. Identify the unconditioned stimulus, the unconditioned response, the conditioned stimulus, and the conditioned response.

Explain how your learning could have occurred through operant conditioning. Describe the behavior, consequence, and reinforcement. Indicate the schedule of reinforcement, if applicable.

Address how your learning could have occurred through cognitive-social learning.

Conclude by comparing classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and cognitive-social learning.


Title: Learning Experience Paper
Length: 3 pages (759 Words)
Style: APA


Learning Experience Paper

My Fear of Clowns

As a young child, I often attended birthday parties of my friends and relatives. I eagerly looked forward to them as they were fun and there would be a lot of food and cakes. My first encounter with a clown was when I attended one where which a clown had been hired, and I froze on seeing him. He was huge, with very colorful clothes, a white face, a big red mouth that always seemed to smile a strange smile, a round nose, and a furry red wig.

Most of the children cheered as he walked in while I just stood there pale and scared. He came directly to me and the moment he touched me, I let out a scream. He took me and threw me in the air laughing. By the time he put me down, I was crying uncontrollably. His attempts to comfort me only aggravated the situation because his big red lips scared me even more. My parents had to take me aside so I could relax as they tried to explain to me that clowns were good and fun people. I, however, avoided the clown during the party and did not participate in any activity he initiated.

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