Pick a contemporary issue: Violence, terrorism, feminism, sexism, religious nationalism, LGBTQ+ issues, environmentalism, atheism, consumerism/capitalism, decolonization/reconciliation, religion and science, religion in the media. Write an in depth analysis of the issue within a single religious tradition or compare two traditions. Include discussion and references to two primary sacred texts and three additional scholarly sources.
Write a case study on an important sacred site from one of the world’s major religious traditions located anywhere in the world. It should be focused on one of the traditions covered in this course, it should be in use today, and it should not be a site that belongs to your own tradition, if you claim one. No archeological sites from historical or extinct traditions, e.g., Angkor Wat.
An excellent case study will include: The religious, historical and cultural background of the site in its geographical context; a description of its architectural features, significance and style. It should contain an analysis of the current significance of the site to the faithful in light of the concepts covered in class. Finally, discuss in detail core/major rituals, practices and/or festivals that regularly occur here.
Write a complete case study of a New Religious Movement. Include serious reflection on the origins, founder(s), core concepts, current status, demographics, any public controversy and any sacred sites of the religion. Include discussion and references to two primary (sacred) texts and three additional scholarly sources.

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