Developing activities based on assessment data is integral to meeting students’ learning needs. Small group instruction is a great way to practice the skill of using assessment data to drive instruction. Identify a small group (3-5 students).
Part 1: Standards-Based Literacy Assessment
In collaboration chose a grade-appropriate literacy standard for reading comprehension and vocabulary to develop a pre-assessment for and, later, a lesson. Keeping in mind the group of students and book you selected in Topic 3, complete the following:
• Write a learning objective that is developmentally appropriate for the group of students and aligns to the state standard.
• Design an informal pre-assessment activity that will allow you to assess and document the students’ reading skills.
• Obtain feedback from your mentor on the pre-assessment.
Use any providing instruction and support to the class based on the needs of the pre-assessment.
Part 2: Reflection
In 250 words, summarize the objective and pre-assessment you developed and reflect. Identify a strength of your assessment and an opportunity for growth. How might you change this assessment to better assess the students’ reading skills ? How will your findings inform your future professional practice? Submit your learning objective and pre-assessment with your reflection.
Support your findings with 2-3 scholarly sources.

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