Read the following case and then answer using your knowledge of ethical theory:
Mary is an unmarried, eighteen-year-old, eight-week pregnant young woman. She now lives independently while going to college. She is an adoptee given back to foster care, and then abused in that system. She works 30 hours per week as a waitress in a local diner, while also earning a 4.0 GPA in school, ranking in the top 10% of her class. She has a full-ride scholarship for pre-med undergraduate studies at a prestigious university. She wants to be a doctor.
Mary has absolutely no family support, and her former boyfriend, who impregnated her, vanished quietly upon learning of the pregnancy. Mary is very determined to have a career as a doctor, but she is scared, lost, uninsured, and says that she doesn’t want to be pregnant or a mom—perhaps later, but not now! She rejects the adoption option, based on her own experience growing up, and contemplates abortion as a solution. She is seeking moral guidance. Since she is an atheist and, as such, distrusts the help and advice of religious authorities, she wants to talk to a wise moral philosopher.
Mary’s classmate informed her that you are a philosophical counselor.
Write a minimum of 1000 words evaluating the pros and cons of an abortion for Mary. Also, make sure to explain to Mary the different approaches to a case like hers that a utilitarian, a deontologist, and a virtue ethicist would take. Upload as a word document. Use any writing style you prefer.

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