Write an essay on My First Visit to Disney World

Your narration will be based on your personal experience, event, or situation where you participated on (storytelling). Narration Essay.
 Narration is one of the fundamental strategies of writing and you are
retelling the story as it goes by using simple present tense rather than simple
past tense.
 The story is told in a chronological order (events from the distance past to
the most recent events) by explaining the reader "What happened".
 Narration also reflects how the events impact on the characters (character
 The use of flashbacks are commonly found in the narrative process to
provide feedback or reasons of the current events.
 First-person narratives can be easily identify by the use of "I".
 Remember to use transitional words to show clearly the orders of the event:
First, second, third, next, the next morning, suddenly, and finally. You can
also use any other transitional words to signal addition, time, example,
purpose, or summary within the narration essay.
 Most narrative essays follow the same essay structure:
o Setting
o Exposition (Initial conflict)
o Rising action
o Climax (Internal conflict)
o Falling action
o Resolution.

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