Though some people can boast of several volumes of autobiographies, others can find the process of autobiography writing rather challenging and exhausting. However, do not surrender yourself to despair if you have to write one! Just sit for a while and recollect in your mind those steps of your life that you think are important and interesting or catchy and make notes.

It is not necessary to start shooting facts about the date and place of your birth from the hip, write a couple of words about your family history, parents, their expectations, city or the weather on your first birthday. Then continue by writing about your school and college, your first hand-made present, favorite book or toy. Do not be afraid to add memories and feelings of your parents or yourself like “I was the naughtiest baby, though one could confuse me with an angel ” or “the moment I saw a box of puppies in a pet store I decided to become a vet”.

It is also important to mention your family traditions you still keep in your head. Even if they are not unique, your emotions are the only thing that matters this time. Write about your siblings and friends, some childish secrets or influence they had on your formation as a person. Do not be afraid to sound foolish, your audience will appreciate your honesty. And do not forget to write some words about your job, colleagues and the knowledge you gained at your workplaces.

Now think about your first great love, wedding and children. If you are an emotional person, you will probably want to dedicate several pages to these periods of your life. But remember that too much water drowned the miller, so two or three abstracts will be more than enough.

Of course, it is up to you to decide, what information should be included in your autobiography, but you should remember that it is better to make the audience burst out laughing, than puzzle it with unnecessary information.

In the end it would be interesting for your readers or listeners to know your future intentions and expectations. But do not upset them by saying that your only dream is to buy a TV with a DVD recorder. Be creative, think of your most cherished dream and share it with your audience. They will love you both!

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