The notion “critical” has positive and negative meanings. Your critical essay can entirely agree or disagree with the reading. When writing a critical essay, you make an analysis of an article or a book. This analysis should contain the following points:

Summary of the author’s main idea. You should bring an outline of the weighty facts reasoning author’s point of view, values and conclusions.

Evaluation of the work that should include analysis of the facts, relevance and correctness of the information. You need to appraise author’s values.

When you are done with the analysis, you should check your work for completeness. If something is missed, try to fill it up. Now you can start writing the first draft. Outline the main arguments, especially contradictory ones, as they will be part of the body text for your essay.

Next, you need to state your own position integrating your evaluations of the article or a book. It will be your conclusion. Briefly state why the problem is important and bring the main questions to be answered.

Writing the first draft, you don’t need to concentrate on spelling and grammar. Your purpose is to write down the ideas. When you have this work done, you can pay attention to superficial problems.

Here are some tips that will be useful for you while writing a critical essay:

  • Your essay should be informative and based on facts instead of bare opinions and attitudes.
  • Critical essay doesn’t presuppose attacking the author and his writing. It involves your critical thinking and evaluation of the article or book.
  • With some works you can introduce your reader to new angles of view on the book.
    The intonation of your essay should be serious and objective (you can use humor only up to the case and not throughout the entire work).
  • Concentrate on one thing and try do accomplish it in effective way.
  • Get sure that each paragraph supports the main idea and all paragraphs are logically connected with each other
  • Check your critical essay for spelling, grammar and stylistic mistakes and get sure that you stick to the necessary format.

Now you are fully equipped for writing effective critical essay. Take your time, relax, choose the topic and go ahead!

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