Nothing can be compared with reading a great narrative: it can be a story, book or an essay. Narratives transfer the reader into time and space of the situation described in the writing. And also nothing can be compared with writing a great narrative.

Narrative writing offers people a chance to write about themselves. The characteristic feature of the narrative essay is rewriting stage.

To write a narrative essay you need to tell the reader a story out of your own experience. The basic qualities of the narrative essay are as following:

  • Narrative essay is writing that transfers experience throughout time.
  • It can be founded not only on your experience, but also on experience of other people.
  • Narrative essay not only offers the story, but transfers key ideas and lessons learned from the situation.

To write effective narrative essay, you need to follow several steps.

First of all, define the certain experience you are going to write about and why this very experience is important for you. After you draft the details of your memory, try to organize the basic outline for your work.

Next, you use your outline to describe all parts of the experience. You need to pay special attention to descriptions and real details to restore the situation for your readers. If you want your essay to be interesting for people, try to think like your readers: they were not witnessing the situation, so they will take your experience directly from details you provide in the paper.

Your essay will be more successful if you will start the narrative with introducing the experience and explaining its importance. In this case you will catch the attention of your readers, making them curious about the entire story.

Anyway, there are other techniques as well: you can start with narrative and at the end of the essay bring a paragraph, explaining the importance of the experience, or start with introducing the situation, but keeping its significance until the final part.

The last step for your narrative essay is revision. You can ask your family or friends to read your essay and share their impressions. Check if more details are in need for clear description of the experience and remove unnecessary information that distracts the attention of the reader. One more time revise your outline to make it effective.

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