Assignment Requirements

Purpose: The purpose of this activity is to introduce you to several writing strategies to develop your experiential learning essays.
Reference Colvin, J. (2012). Earn College Credit for What You Know. 4th ed. Kendall/Hunt publishing Company. Dubuque, IA Instructions: Read Chapter 10, pp.127-138, and Appendix 6, pp. 168-176, Sample Cover Sheet and Narrative Excerpt in Earn College Credit by Colvin, and the following documents: “Instructor commentary on Colvin: Writing About Learning and Essay Formats” (podcast) S-T-A-R-C-H Introduction article Sample essays After reading Colvin and other documents, use one of the following five strategies to write a section of your experiential learning essay. One full page is the minimum length and be sure to edit and proofread your section before posting. Identify the strategy you used (e.g., Strategy 3: Describe Steps) at the top of the page. Strategy 1: Detailed Description (refer to Colvin) Strategy 2: Critical Incident (refer to Colvin) Strategy 3: Describe Steps (refer to Colvin) Strategy 4: Integrating Knowledge of Concepts (refer to Colvin) Strategy 5: S-T-A-R-C-H Introduction (refer to article and sample essays.
Concrete Experience: During my enrollment at Brandman University took the Introduction to Computer Data Processing, CSCU 200 in learning of computer processing, Microsoft Word. Microsoft Excel, and Spreadsheets. While reading the textbook and going through all the MyITLab course lab assignments, quizzes and tests. I felt confident in my abilities that I understood the how data processing worked. It is a process wherein the raw facts or data are being installed, manipulated, and transformed inside the computer. It is processed and edited to obtain meaningful results or useful information. It is the process of obtaining the desired results from the available data being gathered. It has three main phases:
1. The INPUT- it is the data and instructions that are entered into the computer.
2. The PROCESS-it is the transformation of data into meaningful information.
3. The OUTPUT-it is the result of the processed data. It is also known as information.
However, During the Excel Chapter I became frustrated. I have never used the Excel program before the CSCU 200’s MyITlab other than basic graphing work. I became fully confused when the Input of formulas to retrieved or process data in the Excel program.

Personal Reflection: I remembering thinking if I could work though my problems I am having in Excel I would get an “A” in the course. More importantly have knowledge to assist me in my personal and future work assignments. I remember while working though Excel MyITLab that it would be great if I can just add a formula to get these results as an additional column to the worksheet. During this confusion and working through the MyITLab to better understand the Excel program and how it worked. I remember working night after night in MyITLab. I was reading the chapters over and over and remember having to do the MyITLab Excel questions over and over again.

Theory Formation / Conclusions: I later would ask my wife for assistance in understanding the Excel program. She is a Systems Engineer and with her help and tutoring of the way the Excel program can quickly run answers to spread sheets. With the hands on learning that the MyITLab and my wife’s assistance to make the understanding of the formula’s input in order to obtain the correct data. More importantly she cleared up all my shortfalls and I gained knowledge on how the formulas manipulated the Excell program in order to get the correct answer in the spreadsheet cells.

Result: Since receiving an “A” in the Introduction to Computer Data Processing, CSCU 200 course and most of my knowledge has come from trial and error, my wife or through the textbook from my computer science course. The result of working through all of my formula difficulties in Excel has given me confidence in using the Excel program. Today I use Excel without hesitation and can work through formulas to provide month-to-month budget reports with any problems. To create, filter, format and expand multiple tables with a set of formulas for tables.

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